Apex3 Security

Chicagolands TOP security service provider.
  • Developing customized security programs tailored to exceed expectations.

  • Dedicated to each and every client we serve.

  • Security Guards integrated with technology.

  • More coverage, less customer cost.

  • Providing clients to be ahead of the game.

  • A∗Pex (APEKS) - The top or highest point; the pinnacle.

Leading the Chicagoland area in security while providing unprecedented customer service and support.

Apex3 Security thrives on providing the most appropriate plan for your exact needs. What sets us apart is our professionalism and our implementation of effective strategies.

"Development of customized security programs tailored to exceed expectations of our customers. As a local organization, our focus is never losing site of rational growth to ensure quality assurance is maintained, immediate response is always available, and fiscal responsibility is never compromised."