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About Us

Our Vision and Goals

Apex3 Security is a fully licensed and insured corporation that provides professional uniformed security services throughout the Chicago area and suburbs. With a leadership team with nearly 100 years of experience in Chicago’s security industry, Apex3 Security is dedicated to providing our clients with dynamic security solutions and partners they can count on. Apex3 Security has been built on a foundation of automation, which eliminates unnecessary overhead. This makes us extremely cost conscious and competitive especially when compared to older companies within the industry.

Apex3 Security was built to compete with regional and global security companies that fail to appreciate the intrinsic nature of implementing custom security solutions. Such companies lack fundamental client relationships that are essential for everyone's success. They are driven heavily to achieve more billable hours in an effort to reduce their heavy overhead costs.

Apex3 Security brings the knowledge that you need to secure your business entity, assets, and respective guests. Implementing the right security solution in your organization can help you enhance productivity, and ultimately improve your bottom line by mitigating risk and liability. We offer solutions based on real-life experience.

One of the many important and obvious differences between security officer providers is the quality of their executive and operational management teams. Apex3 Security's executive and operational management team is of the highest quality. We offer a very unique blend of veteran security management, law enforcement and military personnel that is not commonly found elsewhere. Experience the Apex3 Security difference.